You certainly have seen people apply make-ups of different colors on their bodies. Have you ever wondered what those make-ups are made of? Well, if you have ever asked this question and never found an answer or you want to know where the baby powder you apply on the bodies of your lovely kids every day comes from, you are at the right place in the niche of time.

Perhaps you want to know if there is any risk associated with using baby powder or makeup. In this article I got you covered. Well, I’ll give you a hint. Talcum baby powder and some of the makeup including eyeshadow are made from talc a mineral extracted from rock.


Now, that you know what talcum is, it should be extremely easy for me to explain to you what talc powder. As the name suggests, the powder is extracted from talc crushed and mixed with other neutral minerals. For example, magnesium and then is crushed to form the fine powder you use to absorb moisture on your skin or your baby’s skin.

The fact talc powder is made from neutral minerals make it safe for use even around some sensitive parts of the body, for example, the eye and the mouth. It is therefore used to produce a variety of products. However, inhaling the powder may cause health complications like pneumonia.

The use of this power dates to the ancient times and it was used for varying purpose, for example, it was used to reduce irritations in Egypt. Well, you don’t have to question this because you know that irritations are caused by acidic substances and therefore, applying a base would work. In the current times, as we discussed above we use talc to make a variety o products including, soaps, tablets makeup, and many more products.


There have been claims that talcum powder causes cancer. How this argument is true is debatable but the fact remains that the powder has been used for ages and little evidence has been produced on this claim. However, impure talcum which contains a chemical referred to as asbestos could be dangerous for your health.

Talcum has a variety of colors a feature that makes it possible to produce products with different colors. Do you like a black eyeshadow? Now you know where the black color came from.


Besides, the talc powder has many uses and as I have noted above little evidence of a threat to your health has been reported. This fact has made many people trust the product to the extent of using it to prevent rushes. However, the finesses of this powder make it penetrate your body. For example, when used around the genital areas the articles could enter the body and get trapped in the fallopian tube. This implies that as much as you want to use the product either on your baby or your body there is the need for you to take necessary measures for your healthy living because talc powder is useful and at the same time it can be harmful.

Umang Jain

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