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ESTD. 1880

Ceramic, Honeycomb, Tiles & Sanitary (CHATS)


Fluxing Agent

Golcha Minerals talc a low on cost fluxing agent that reduces both energy costs and CO2 emissions. It lowers fusion temperature, Increasing the actual vitrification process, Increasing viscosity composition, Boosting surface tension and lowering thermal extension


Frit, Glaze, Engobe Properties

Due to very low iron content, Our talc improves thermal enlargement, fusion and provides good shedding behavior. In fritless glazes like sanitary ware glazes, it enhances whiteness, acid resistance, lowers pinholes and reduces overall costs. Within side walls engobes, talc having a really low metal content provides saving of zirconium silicate.


Improves Modulus of Rupture

Golcha Minerals talc enhances mechanical attributes in all its application. It boosts modulus rupture as well as perspective stableness in its every application.

  • stabilizing thermal extension, firing shrinkage as well as warpage (pyroplastic distortions)
  • improving perspective balance
  • reducing the amount of breaks or cracks.


Electro ceramics

Talc demonstrates superb mechanized properties and also excellent shock as well as abrasion opposition, making it useful in grinding. In electro-cordierites, talc gives excellent thermal resistance in the manufacturing of Electrical Resistors.


Automotive ceramics/Catalytic Converters

Our talc with very low Calcium oxide are designed in the manufacturing of correct molecule dimensions of Catalytic converters.


Glazed Floor Tiles

Golcha Minerals talc enhances optical and mechanical properties and maximizes firing cycles of both glazes and bodies of floor tiles. Our Talc helps in

  • reduction in porosity
  • Increases fast firing, reduces firing cycles and energy consumption, firing temperature and CO2 emissions
  • Stabilize firing and expansion shrinkage- vital for huge format tiles
  • Enhances viscosity
  • Condenses cracking
  • Acts as valuable matting agents, increases whiteness without any effect on CLTE and improves stain resistance and abrasion.
  • Reduces water absorption as dynamic fluxing agents.
  • Decreases closed density and increases tile density.
  • Enhances the tile body’s mechanical strength.
  • Enhancing surface aspect and vitrification
  • Enhancing abrasion and stain resistance without mounting pyroplastic distortion


Table Ware

Golcha Minerals talc is beneficial for porcelain and white- body earthenware. It add values to the product by:

  • Enhancing plasticity
  • Decreasing cracks in process of fast firing
  • Increasing the body-fit glaze
  • In regard to application in tableware, talc consisting lesser free iron will ensure more whiteness