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Plastics, Polymers, Rubber

  • Anti Blocking – Golcha Minerals talc possesses optimum particle size dispersion to achieve the proper stability of anti-blocking and haze. It is referred as perfect anti blocking product in case of biopolymers and sleek polyolefin films.
  • Barrier Effects – Golcha Minerals talc helps in reduction of permeability of packaging and films
  • Compacted talc – Golcha Minerals compacted talc increases processing throughput. It provides elevated performance and ultrafine compacted products. 
  • Dimensional stability – Golcha Minerals talc provides improved reinforcing driving force for engineering and polypropylene thermoplastics.
    • Enhances part stiffness 
    • Enhances heat resistance
    • Results with decrease coefficient thermal expansion which is suitable for designs of automotive zero-gap
    • Scratch And Mar Resistance
  • Bio Polymers
  • Talc delivers:
    • Increased heat resistance
    • Reduced formulation costs and molding time
    • Better dimensional stability related to thermal expansion and shrinkage
    • No harm in food contact
    • Our talc produces nucleating agents and excellent fillers like polyhydroxyalkanoate and polyactic acid which allows them to be used for automotive parts and packaging. It also produces superb anti blocking agents for biopolymer films.
  • Golcha Minerals talc enhances flame retardant properties and mechanical features and is used in Thermoplastic housings used in electronic devices like computers and TV.
  • Wood Plastic Composites
    • Helps in reducing the absorption rate of water and warpage.
    • It is 100% natural and thus an eco-friendly solution.
    • It aids in increasing the rupture modules as well as HDT and elasticity modules.
    • Assists in reducing the creeping and performance of elastic recovery.
    • Reduces viscosity of compound, increases the speed of extrusion and
      thus results into maintenance of fine surface appearance. 
  • Rubber
    • Partitioning Agent, it allows in reducing friction and also acting as a preventive safeguard.
    • Lamellar components produce impermeable barrier and along with that it minimize liquid and air permeation Mechanical properties.
    • Our talc as a reinforcing agent also has an integral role in processing aid in various elastomer applications. This actually results in efficient cohesion of filler- elastomer. This augments elongation, modulus, tensile strength and the tear resistance of final product.
    • As an external lubricant, the Golcha Minerals talc meant for rubber development is slippery and platy in touch. This supports in preventing the unvulcanized adhesion and plays a decisive role for talc water coating. It creates a shield of protection and does not allow water to absorb.
    • Other than this, its quality makes it suitable for cable insulation and tyre molding.
    • Synergy With Carbon Black – It assists in rubber manufacturing as synergism with carbon black. In this regard, it is essential to note that it can be replaced for carbon black that improves process ability, mechanical properties, etc. Along with this, it also prevents scorch.
    • Automotive Part – Our talc increases the performance and mechanical features of tyres, hydraulic parts, dampers, seals, grommets, weather seals, and gaskets. It is used as surrogate of carbon black, as it is cost-lucrative and eco-friendly.
    • Provides weathering and UV resistance
    • Extends the service life, improves thermal resistance and removes plasticizer evaporation
    • Enhancing compound flow and reducing its viscosity
    • Fire Resistance Wire and Cable
    • Pharmaceutical Closures – Improve the compound flow and serves as a best processing aid
      • Does not show any reaction with medical substance
      • Enhance thermal resistance
      • Better impermeability
      • Augment the mechanical characteristics of stoppers