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ESTD. 1880


Optimized use of talc supports the Paper making as:

  1. Superior Aspect Ratio (SLT Series of Golcha Minerals) offers exceptional barrier properties that minimize water vapor (Hydrophobicity).
  2. Lessens the problem of core burst and crepe wrinkles.
  3. Efficient ink transfers that result in improved quality of image.
  4. Golcha Minerals talc minimizes friction.
  5. It also smoothens the paper.
  6. The stickier and pitch agent helps to enhance the reduction of machine and
    equipment downtime, functionality, clean times improving efficiency.
  7. The oleophilc characteristics lessen the dye demand and this results in better
    color intensity.
  8. Improves Printability
  9. Golcha Minerals talc provides you with the best solutions for tissue papers which are soft and leads to high productivity.
  10. Talc makes superlative pitch with minimum ash level used in the production of tissue paper.
  11. Golcha Minerals talc provides you with the eco friendly pitch which helps in more mill productivity, premium quality finished paper and cleaner pulp.
  12. Our talc is highly suitable in production of chemical pulp, production of mechanical pulp and grades of printing wood-free.