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ESTD. 1880

Coatings, Adhesive, Paints & Sealants (CAPS)

Talc Helps by providing

  • Barrier Properties (due to Hydrophobicity)
  • Enhances adhesion that leads to better durability of paint, and this is possible because of chemical inertness.
  • Carrier for Anti-Algal/Anti-Fungal additives for exterior coatings
  • As anti-corrosion pigment with applications in general industrial paints, heavy industrial maintenance and marine coatings.
  • Cracking Resistance
  • Flatting-matting properties
  • Hiding/Opacity & partial replacement of Titanium Dioxide
  • UV resistance
  • Improves Rheology – Talc forms weak bonds with resins which results in better low-shear viscosity. The bond splits on application of shear further resulting in shear-thinning rheology coating, and is best for spray purpose. Enhanced rheology lessens in-can settling and sagging.
  • Reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Enhancing sandability because of their natural softness
  • Resistance to cracks, dimensional stability and shrink resistance

Efficient Thixotropic properties