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ESTD. 1880

Seeds, Agriculture and Fertilizer (SAFE)

  1. Anti-caking agent obstructing the formation of Crystal Bridge.
  2. As Flow agent, which offers free flow features.
  3. For liquid fertilizer and pesticides, it provides the medium for better contact time, thereby improving the efficacy of the product.
  4. Being Hydrophobic it helps in Seed Coating, Free Flow of Urea/DAP/Super Phosphates (by protecting it from moisture or humid conditions)
  5. As a coating agent, it prevents fertilizer caking by making them flow able as a layer of covering the particles, makes them anti absorbent to water, disallows crystal bridge formation so as to allow longer period storage and last but not the least, by making them dust preventive.
  6. The talc offered by us plays a very important role in offering natural protection to the ripening of fruit on the vine or in the orchard.
  7. Olive Oil Production – During the extraction process of the Olive oil, the purpose of the talc lies in breaking down the agglomerating micro gels, thus preserving a definite quantity of oil and thus promoting the end quantity of the product.
  8. One of the ideal applications of our talc is the food products that are a bit adhesive in nature and tend to stick when kept together.   As talc is organophilic and hydrophobic in nature so it helps the particles to flow freely and also diminish the rate of evaporation.
  9. In Animal Feed formulation, Talc is used to supplement the Magnesium content thereby regulating Acid reflux, Increasing Muscle weight and as a carrier of Vitamins and Fats due to its Oleophilic properties.