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ESTD. 1880


Due to Inert, soft and fragrance-retentive nature of Talc; it is used in manufacturing of Cosmetic Products. The softness and oil absorption it offers make it a primary ingredient in blushes, eye shadows and powder compacts. The Oleophilic nature of talc makes it popular for dusting on the body in both baby powder and body cream. It helps absorb wetness and odor produced by the human body. The powder can be applied to help in chaffing and rubbing of the body extremities. Foot powder is usually made from talc, to help stop odor and wetness.

Talc used in cosmetics is required to be of high purity and is reduced to fine particles for preparation

  • Due to negligible metallic content (Free Iron and Heavy Metals) in our Talc, the fragrance carrier properties are greatly enhanced.
  • The regulatory requirements of “No Asbestos” and “Very Low Crystalline Silica” are over-achieved by our Talc.
  • The platy structure of our talc helps in NOT clogging the skin pores, thereby providing highest level of Safety and Quality
  • Over and above these critical parameters, Our every Talc particle is more than 97% pure and having very low “Loss of Ignition” (Less than 6), thereby providing repeatable High Quality Finished Goods by our Customers 
  • Creating Sustainable Value for our customers is the basic tenet of our business proposition